Mass Effect FATE - In The Shadow of the Shepard

Omega Thread

Any chance we start it back up?

Aria T’loak
Jurdan Thunk
Mikhael “Baba Yaga” Vishnevetsky

A thrilling new adventure awaits!
A new game by Matt Herron

Hey y’all! Not trying to poach any players, but if anyone is itching to get started on a game, I’m going to be started an Exalted campaign on Obsidian Portal in the near future, so if you’re interested in playing let me know what e-mail address to send your invite to!

This message posted with the approval of esteemed GM, galactic puppetmaster and all around cool dude Pat.

Who wants to keep going?
Show of hands, please

If you would like to continue with the game, please post in this thread. On Monday afternoon I will consider the poll closed and your character will fade into the background. If you wish to rejoin later on, we can discuss how best to catch you up.

Once we have an up to date roster, then myself and my new Assistant GM Dan will open up the next time period.

I know that breaks of several weeks are often the death of online games, and for this one, I must apologize. I have had a combination of personal issues, administrative issues with school, and the always-consuming process of starting a new job. I apologize for not being more proactive in advising everyone that I would need a hiatus – I did not know it myself!

To everyone who has made a character or interacted with the game in any way, thank you, sincerely, whether you stay onboard or not!

Recruiting Assistant GM/s
I need some halp

Good afternoon all. It’s been a while!

I am terribly sorry for the delay, and I assure you I still want this game to both happen and be awesome. Unfortunately, Life Circumstances happened and my initial co-GMs were not able to provide quite the level of support I needed to keep this game breathing. With no hard feelings, I am gently relieving them of the burden of command.

I will need some help! If you are interested in helping me GM, please send me a private message on here and we can discuss it. Ideally I would be looking for two candidates, one confident enough to fully take my place when Life Stuff calls me away. Don’t worry if you have not GM’d before, I am an excellent instructor.

Time Period Update

Hi all,

Time Period 1 has expired and it is too late to take any more moves. We will be beginning Time Period 2 with a post from Overlord GM Pat on each thread.

GM Pon (Catrina)

Temporary Substitue Aria

Okay so I actually have an incredible player lined up to play Aria as a permanent NPC. However, she is currently not very available so in the interest of moving the story along, I will be temporarily filling her sexy evil boots. I will title all such posts as “Aria – Normal Title” so it’s easy to tell when I am playing her.

GM Announcement

Hey guys, it has been pointed out to me that I have not been a super involved GM now that play has actually commenced. This is a mix of 20% my goal of deep player interaction, and 80% me losing myself in school and school related stress for the last few weeks.

So! I do pop in and check the forums. If you could help me over the next few weeks by sending me a direct message when a post needs reply or a dice roll needs arbitration, well, that’d be huge

. I’m very happy with everything I’m seeing so far from you guys, and I truly am excited to move forward with this game. Thanks for your patience!

Shifting Action
Please wrap up any SoftRP

Please wrap up any SoftRP activities and place your character within one of the three “active zones”. If you want to do canon, risky RP things in another location please PM me and I’ll open a thread for you.

Game is LIVE tomorrow!
Take a few minutes to look over my earlier posts about how to format an entry and such!

Alright ladies and gents, Active Gamespace opens first thing tomorrow. As of that point, your use of abilities will be unrestricted, and you can feel free to travel (request new Active Gamespace entry for a new area), to enter combat, to shop, to wheel and deal, et cetera. I recommend planning on leaving 6-12 hours’ margin for a response before you start pestering another player (or your GM.) The appeal of asynchronous play-by-post is that it gives us the freedom to work around our Busy Adult Schedules. Please don’t spoil that with impatience – this will NOT be an instant gratification game. But it will be excellent short-form fiction writing practice.

Questions, comments, concerns can come right to me. Many of you have already asked several good, pointed questions and I appreciate it.original.jpg

Game Starts Monday!!
Please let me know if you're having any difficulty or confusion.

Players who have not made any posts to the forums, or have not created characters by Monday will be manually deleted by me. If you are “cut” in this fashion and still want to play, you will need to actually contact me and discuss your return. I don’t think I will be “banning” anyone, but I need to unclutter the GM interface and since more than half of it is ersatz no-show players, well, you catch my drift.

Starting Monday, guns go hot. PVP, PVE, skill use, stunts and aspects, conflict, stress, it will all go live.

See you on the battlefield!


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