Mass Effect FATE - In The Shadow of the Shepard

Game is LIVE tomorrow!

Take a few minutes to look over my earlier posts about how to format an entry and such!

Alright ladies and gents, Active Gamespace opens first thing tomorrow. As of that point, your use of abilities will be unrestricted, and you can feel free to travel (request new Active Gamespace entry for a new area), to enter combat, to shop, to wheel and deal, et cetera. I recommend planning on leaving 6-12 hours’ margin for a response before you start pestering another player (or your GM.) The appeal of asynchronous play-by-post is that it gives us the freedom to work around our Busy Adult Schedules. Please don’t spoil that with impatience – this will NOT be an instant gratification game. But it will be excellent short-form fiction writing practice.

Questions, comments, concerns can come right to me. Many of you have already asked several good, pointed questions and I appreciate it.original.jpg



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