Captain Ian "Jocko" MacGregor

EOD officer, scrounger, N7 qualified


Mass Effect FATE: In The Shadow Of The Shepard

Name: Ian Andrew MacGregor (nickname: Jocko)

Position: Captain, Earth Alliance Forces, N7 qualified

High Concept: Charismatic & Tech-Savvy Special Forces

Trouble: Solve That Puzzle

Background: Upstart Species

Adventure Aspects:
Tougher Than Barbed Wire (Invoke: Push on through pain and discomfort; Compel: Doesn’t know when going too far)

Let’s Do This The Smart Way (Invoke: Prefers to use diplomacy/charm or tech before violence; Compel: Reluctant to resort to brute force even when called for)

I Know Guys Who Know Guys (Invoke: Contacts and friends throughout various military and some underworld organizations; Compel: Also owes favors that will come due at some point)


Alertness 2
Athletics 2
Contacts 3
Empathy 1
Endurance 1
Engineering 2
Fight 2
Guns 1
Investigation 1
Leadership 1
Rapport 4
Resolve 2
Security 3
Stealth 2
Systems 3


Expert Climber
Smooth Operator
Shoot From The Hip (Pistols or SMGs gain +2 Guns for first round of combat)
Hidden Clue (helps find an obscure clue but can end up ignoring obvious useful information)


N-7 Valkyrie (SMG)
Pistol (3 damage, concealable)
Light armor, light shield
HMOT Omni-tool


Ian MacGregor, known as Jocko to his friends, was not an obvious choice for N-7 training. Most of the people chosen for that training were combat specialists. But the powers that be recognize that they need more than fighters. That’s why they emphasize more than weapons training during the rigorous program. N-7 trainees experience technical training beyond what they already possess and infiltration and security skills are honed. But they still like to see even more diversity in abilities.

Jocko was an Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) officer who applied mainly because he’d kick himself if he didn’t. He did not expect to be accepted into the program. His fighting skills were merely adequate, and he figured the N-7 types were more used to setting off bombs rather than defusing them. But he had one skill many of the N-7 candidates did not. He was also his unit’s scrounger. An unofficial title all military units have had since before history was written, the scrounger is the one who can find what the group needs, if they don’t already have it on hand. They make friends throughout the wider military and engage in trading of extra stuff they have for extra stuff others have. If you have thermal clips for a weapon no longer in service, well, maybe that reserve unit back on Mars still has need of them. And maybe they have extra rations, or access to fresher food. Or power cells for Omni-tools. You sometimes take stuff you don’t need, just because you know someone who does. MacGregor was quite good at making friends, and deals. So N-7 accepted him.

The training was brutal, but MacGregor passed. Barely, but he graduated. Since then, his military career has been varied. His latest posting is examining ancient technology, looking for more clues to the attack on the Citadel by Sovereign, and the so-called Reapers. He enjoys his job, and is always looking to make new connections. Both professional and personal.

Captain Ian "Jocko" MacGregor

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