Captain Thomas Anderson

Human military officer and personal mentor to Shepard.


Anderson is a compact, strong-looking man. His dusky face has the wrinkles of care and wisdom that mark out a truly exceptional command officer. Following the Battle of the Citadel, Anderson was finally promoted to flag rank (above his loud and repeated objections.) He is currently grounded, and piloting a desk in the Alliance Embassy on the Citadel. He is “military advisor” to Councillor Donal Udina, humanity’s first representative within the Citadel Council. While some individuals remember the heroic sacrifices made by humanity throughout the first Reaver contact, most prefer to grumble about humanity’s upstart status and promotion within the council. Anderson and Udina make excellent targets for this vitriol, and it does nothing to soothe the fractured tension of their professional relationship.



Captain Thomas Anderson

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