Eohnna K Saru

biotic lie detecting moll


Eohnna K’Saru

Race: Asari (Refresh 2)

Gender: N/A

High Concept: Biotic Lie Detector Moll

Trouble: Face is an Open Book

Background: Embrace Eternity


1. Aria’s Girlfriend

2. Loose Lips Crash Ships



5 – Contacts

5 – Empathy

5 – Biotics

4 – Resources

3 – Guns

3 – Systems

2 – Investigation

1 – Alertness

1 – Resolve

1 – Academics


Well-Known – Criminal (Contacts)

Skeptic’s Ear (Empathy)

Telepathic communication (Biotic)

Biotic Shield (Biotic)


Flare (1 refresh)

Stasis (1 refresh)



Eohnna K’Saru is one of the very first offspring to result from an Asari/Human mating. There have been more since, but she is one of the oldest. She is open hearted and often impulsive, and has a complicated relationship with deceit. Eohnna is perhaps one of the worst liars amongst the Asari, as well as one of the best at detecting when someone is lying. Five years ago this talent brought her into contact with Aria, criminal kingpin of the Omega Station. They developed both a romantic and professional relationship, although Eohnna’s issues with deceit have raised some tactical concerns regarding “organization secrets.” Eohnna is often sent to go find objects, people or information, and she uses her abilities to connect to systems and vast network of contacts to do so. She’s generally considered to be a bit na├»ve by her coworkers, but she prefers being able to delude herself about her girlfriend’s business. When startled/cornered, she can lash out with her biotic power, Flare. Otherwise her powers are more utility.

Eohnna K Saru

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