Exene M'orsi

Exnet Arms Maiden


Name: Exene M’orsi
Species: Asari

High Concept
Exnet Arms Maiden


Anything can be bought…or sold

  • Invoke: Due to the generational wealth and lifespan of Asari, Exene is willing to sacrifice material things, or even years of gain in order to achieve her goals, or to help those that she considers worthy.
  • Compel: By the same logic, she will outlive most of her connections, outside of other Asari or Krogan companions, and thus can see some species or situations as “disposable” or objectified and easily replaced, or simply waiting out the repercussions of possible negative actions.


Fox and crow

  • Invoke: Exene will always go into a situation as prepared as possible, relying on her flatter’s tongue and cunning (backed up with as many strategic exits as possible)
  • Compel: Since she has a low opinion of the capacity of other’s, especially when it comes to her own interests, Exene will often place herself in “live bait” circumstances to catch the crow, believing that she would have the most control if she is only relying on herself.

Adventure Aspects

Loose Lips (scuttle Migrant fleets)

  • Invoke: Uses deceit to have others over-indulge information, especially sensitive information
  • Compel: Can create enemies before comrades, and has a lower success when there are more people present in the vicinity

I’ll see you in hell (save me a seat)

  • Invoke:
  • Compel:

She’s got the goods
Exene has traveled far and wide during her maiden years, and has inherited wealth and contacts from her parents.

  • Invoke: Has a permanent +2 resource token
  • Compel: Cost of 1 fate point to use

Lead Astray
Can use body language and deceit to position enemies into areas that will cause the most environmental damage.

Superb (5): Contacts, Deceit
Great (
4): Systems, Engineering, Security

Starting Gear
M-77 Paladin
Basic Auto Rifle

Medium Armor, Camouflage, Enviro-suit
Medium Shields


Exene was born on Kahje, at the end of the Kahje-Illium trade line, away from mainstream Asari culture. Her father, a Drell spymaster for the Hanar, and her mother, an Asari techno-archaeologist specializing in Prothean relics, raised Exene on various research stations and isles with few personal interactions, aside from a visiting Hanar or two.

This detachment from the outside world left a great mark on her, manifesting into her current controlling personality and fatalistic worldview.

more to come

Exene M'orsi

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