First Lieutenant Turrik Pekolias

Newly promoted Turian military officer


High Concept: Turian Military Adjunct

Trouble: Something to Prove

Background: Turian Might is Matched by Turian Honor

Story Aspects: Preparation Creates Luck, Lead by Example, My Blade is Not For Show

Skills: Fight +4, Leadership +4, Resolve +4, Academics +3, Alertness +3, Guns +3, Artillery +2, Athletics +2, Endurance +2, Intimidation +1, Pilot +1, Rapport +1

Stunts: Master & Commander, To Serve The Hierarchy (Fight), Turian Toughness, Strike to the Heart, Right Place Right Time, Adrenaline Rush, Disruptor Ammo

Gear: M9 Tempest, Turian Blade (Microsteel Sword w/Enhanced Penetration), Light Armor w/Light Shield, Chameleon Tool.

Stress 7 +2 Mild Consequences
Shields 4, Armor 1

Refresh 5


While he is a proud son of the Turian Military, Turrik Pekolais is the first of his family to qualify for officer rank. At the academy, he found a natural aptitude for the ceremonial dueling blades still traditionally awarded to top graduates. Unlike many of his peers, who wear their gilt laden swords only as accessories for their dress uniforms, Turrik keeps his blade sharp, functional and on him at all times.
Rather than a posting to a ship of the line or a commando squad as he had hoped, the Turian Military appointed him as attache and bodyguard for SPECTRE Ascelsus Vaal. Vaal is from a prestigious bloodline and the Turian military remembers the embarrassment suffered from the last Turian SPECTRE to collaborate with humans. Turrik’s job is to ensure that Vaal’s plan is at least a public success and reflects well upon the Turian people.

First Lieutenant Turrik Pekolias

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