Gereloc Darenk

Krogan C-Sec Sergeant


Name: Gereloc Darenk
Species: Krogan (-4 refresh)

  • Built for War (Species Aspect)
  • Great Strength (+1 to all fight rolls. When grappling, may inflict a Damage: 2 hit on opponent as supplemental action for free)
  • Krogan Tough (may take additional mild physical consequence and gain a stress box)
  • Extraordinary Regeneration (out of combat, recover physical consequences as if they were one level lower. In combat, may clear away a mild consequence with a supplemental action. Krogan are also extremely long lived)

Remaining Refresh: 4


  • High Concept: Inquisitive Krogan C-Sec Sergeant
  • Trouble: Seeks the Truth, No Matter the Cost
  • Background: Just One More Thing
  • Adventure 1: Mrs. Gereloc
  • Adventure 2: I Always Dress This Way
  • Adventure 3: Right Place, Wrong Time


  • Saturday Night Special: +2 Guns with handguns/pistols
  • You’re Dumber Than I Look: Once per scene, make a deceit check which does not cost an action. Your results, if possible, add to the difficulty of social attacks against you until the end of the scene.
  • Krogan Headbutt: When he makes a successful Fight check, Darenk can spend a Fate point to make an immediate Intimidate check against the same target with a bonus to the roll equal to the damage done. If successful, the target must immediately surrender.
  • All Krogan Look Alike: When making a deceit or stealth roll to hide his identity, Darenk gains a +2 bonus vs non-Krogans


  • Great (+4): Alertness, Empathy, Investigation
  • Good (+3): Fight, Guns, Rapport
  • Fair (+2): Contacts, Deceit, Intimidation
  • Average (+1): Endurance, Resolve, Security


  • M-6 Carnifex Pistol (Damage 4, Range 0-3, Penetration 1, Bulk 1, Cost 4)
  • Riot Shotgun (Damage 3, Range 0-2, Penetration -1, Bulk 2, Scattershot, Aspect: Stunning Beanbag, Cost 3)
  • C-Sec standard issue light armor (Armor 1, Bulk 1, Shields 4, Cost 3)

Gereloc Darenk

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