Omega Station Street Rat


Species: Human (0 Refresh)

High Concept: Omega Station Street Rat
Trouble: Horrible Psychological Scarring
Background: I’ve Got a Secret

Friends in Low Places
Simmering Beneath the Surface
Freedom at Any Cost

Upstart Species

Danger Sense
Investigation – Omega Station
Ear to the Ground
Black Hat

Remaining Refresh: 8


Superb (5): Contacts, Influence
Great (
4): Deceit, Stealth
Good (3): Empathy, Resolve
Fair (
2): Security, Systems
Average (+1): Guns, Alertness

Stress: 6

Basic Heavy Pistol: Damage 2, Range 0-3, Penetration 0, Bulk 0
Polaris Amp

Light Kinetic Shield Generator, Rating 0


Dark and grim, the back streets of Omega Station are nowhere you would normally be seen. This time though, you have a mission to accomplish, and to get the job done, you need Aria T’Loak, the Queen of Omega Station. Like a spider, she weaves her webs and controls the underbelly of the station. Only she can get you what you need. You thought it would be simple to see her. She owns the Afterlife. Everyone who is anyone is seen at the Afterlife. The denizens of the station all claim to know her or to be doing business with her. That is of course until you start looking for an introduction, suddenly, no one can get you into see her. No one wants to know your name or hear your story.

After getting thrown out of the Afterlife, you’ve been parking yourself in a bar around the corner from the Afterlife for weeks, pouring credits into the bartender, trying to work an angle. Nothing. Just nothing. Enough of this nonsense, you’ll need another plan of attack. As you throw back your last drink and begin to push back your stool, a street kid sidles up next to you. Wordlessly, the bartender sets up a shot in front of him. Equally wordless, he tosses it back. You’ve learned around here is to not make eye contact until you’re engaged. Out of the corner of your eye, you size him up. He seems ridiculously small and young and poor to be here, let alone to be a regular. But there’s something. He wears a mismatched set of battle armor. Is that a shield generator? What’s a kid doing with that? You can’t see much else besides the armor; he’s got a hood pulled up covering his face.

The bartender sets up another shot, no credits trade hands. He throws the drink back and turns to look at you. “I hear you’re looking for Aria.” You nod. “You need Keysair. Keysair can connect you.” “Can you hook me up?” “For a price.” A quick negotiation and you’re headed out the door. This kid is quick. He dodges through the streets, twisting and turning. You can barely keep up. As you round a corner into an alley, you think you’re going to lose him. You reach out and grab his shoulder. Before you can breathe, she is on you. She! She pins you to the wall. “Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me. Again. Fool. Keysair could have brought you to Aria. But, you never touch Keysair. Ever.” How the hell does she have you pinned? She’s young, maybe 13. But her eyes are bloodshot. She’s a junkie? This young and this strong? What are those scars? Those are you last thoughts as you fall to the ground. When you wake up, you have no idea how much time has passed. Your pockets are empty. Your credits, your weapons, everything gone.

You stand up, brush yourself off. As you start out of the alley, you have a new plan. Find Keysair.


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