Mikhael "Baba Yaga" Vishnevetsky

Ex-Cerberus Wraith-Biotic Assassin Prototype


Name: Mikhael Vishnevetsky
Race: Human (Genetically Engineered), Ethnicity: Russian
1) High Concept: Biotic Infiltrator Assassin
2) Trouble: No Respect, No Service
3) Background: Upstart Species, Somewhere where I Belong
4) Wanted: Dead or Alive-Cerberus
5) My Dreams are scarier than you
6) Baba Yaga

Fantastic (6): Biotics (race aspect: genetically engineered)
Superb (5): Stealth
Great (4): Fight, Resolve
Good (3): Alertness, Endurance
Fair (2): Athletics
Average (1): Intimidation, Investigation, Security, Systems

Biotic power:
Inner Demons
Tech power:
Tac Cloak

Biotic skill stunts:
Fear Itself
Nightmare Mind Field
There is no knife

Guns: none
Bio-Amp: Savant Amp
Omnitool: HMOT Basic
Armor: light armor with light kinetic shield generator


Almost nothing is known about Mikhael Vishnevetsky, unless you manage to dig deep into a classified and hidden Cerberus server detailing inactive and decomissioned experiments. In such files you would read of a program called Project Shadowblade, an insidious project tasked with the creation of Wraiths. If you continued reading you might see that Wraiths were designed for “target acquisition,” basically as invisible biotic assassins and bounty hunters, capable of bringing back their targets alive or dead. Your eyes roll over horrific details of genetic and biotic experimentation, focused on the creation of an altogether new biotic power, one tied to fear and nightmare and similar to reave in execution. Near the end of the file is a list of test cases, all deceased except one, the last prototype. The last paragraph of the file reads:

Subject V breached containment at 00:30 and the facility went dark at 00:35. Post-incident analysis showed no life forms present past 00:40 and all data and back up data was wiped at 00:38. Catastrophic simultaneous detonations occurred at 00:50 and losses at the facility were total. All personnel have been terminated, including all project leads and experts with any knowledge of project. Despite all precautions, subject V was uncontrollable. It may not be profitable or possible to utilize project as is. Project effectively terminated, all loose ends other than subject V tied up by subject himself. Recommend moving to project Phantom using Wraith assassin protocols but without unstable biotic fear element. Recommendation accepted, subject V to be put on detain or kill list. Acknowledged. Last known location: Fringe of Terminus Systems.

Nowadays the last wraith stays under the radar, mostly to avoid Cerberus pursuit, but also to quietly ponder his direction in life. Due to his time as a pet Cerberus assassin he’s gained an aversion to working for people he doesn’t respect. He’s only met two people so far that have have sufficiently impressed him to have his respect or at least work for without resentment: Miranda Lawson, a supremely capable Cerberus leader who ran some of the ops he had been part of and Aria T’lok, who he observed covertly for some time after his arrival on Omega. He has since done many jobs for her and has never failed her. He has since earned a dark reputation as “Baba Yaga,” a boogeyman to Aria’s enemies. Those who are fortunate meet the sweet release of death in the dark. Those who are unlucky experience a few of hell’s demons before they arrive.

Mikhael "Baba Yaga" Vishnevetsky

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