Zelarf Lalasi

Failed subject of Salarian conditioning - well-trained, but a little psychotic


Name: Zelarf Lalasi
Species: Salrian (-2 Refresh)


High Concept: Spectre Black Sheep
Trouble: Complete the Mission, No Matter the Cost
Background: Failed Salarian Science Experiment

Background 1: “I’m told killing is frowned upon”
Background 2: Barely In Control
Background 3: Never Known Fun

Species Aspects

Fish Out of Water: Breathe and move easily in water environments. Sleep only 1 hour a day. Shortened life span
Non-Linear: Once per, substitute one skill score for another with an explanation of the creative application of the new skill
Speed of Thought: (Alertness) +1 to all Alertness skill rolls


Adrenaline Rush (Defensive): +2 Difficulty – Roll Resolve/Endurance to get +2 Alertness and +2 Armor, and +1 on all attack rolls for 1 exchange per three shifts rounded up. Recharge 4
Weapon Training – Pistol: On successful hit with pistol, may use margin of success against opponent’s Endurance to create a fragile aspect

Remaining Refresh: 4


Superb (+5): Fight, Academics
Great (+4): Guns, Resolve
Good (+3): Athletics, Alertness
Fair (+2): Intimidation, Endurance
Average (+1): Security, Stealth


Combat Momentum: Gain +1 on attack rolls against a target that you made a successful attack against in the previous exchange
Assassination Training: +1 damage with weapons when invoking aspects
Studied Assault: After taking one round to observe opponent’s movement (no action other than movement), +1 to all attack rolls as long as your Academics score is higher than theirs
Second Skin: Ignore up to 2 bulk from armor

Stress: 6


Heavy Pistol: Damage 2, Range 0-3, Penetration 0, Bulk 0
Assault Rifle: Damage 3, Range 2-5, Penetration 1, Bulk 1
Combat Knife: Damage 1, Range 0, Penetration 2, Bulk 0, Effect (Bleed – does 1 additional stress round after successful attack)


Medium Armor: Rating 2, Bulk 3, Heavy Kinetic Shield
Shields: Kinetic Shields 8


The Salarian Special Tasks Group has always been known for staying on the cutting edge of warfare, even if doing so meant skirting the line between right and wrong. They were pioneers in the use of biotic and tech implants and use of performance enhancing drugs. It was only a matter of time before they attempted to combine the three.

Experiments show that element-zero exposure is much more effective at fostering biotic talents if the exposure occurs in-utero. Similarly, it was believed that by implanting cybernetic enhancements while the fetus was still developing, they could achieve higher levels of neuro-technical connection. Finally, by flooding amniotic fluids with stimulants, the fetus’ brain chemistry could be permanently altered and perhaps even enhanced. The Salarian leaders frowned on these experiments, but eventually gave the STG permission to experiment on a single egg as a guinea pig. The egg in question belonged to Zelarf.

Zelarf was born with near-lethal eezo exposure, a barely-functional cybernetic implant in both arms and one leg, and an addiction to red sand. From the moment he hatched from his egg, the scientists in charge of monitoring his growth knew there was something wrong. He was sickly and odd, and he showed absolutely no sign of biotic talent nor any rapport with technology. He had none of the talents that they had believed had been programmed into him. From the moment he could understand language, he was told that he was a disappointment to the project.

Years of training followed. Zelarf underwent grueling physical and mental training to enhance his combat abilities. The ability to kill dispassionately was not uncommon among the STG, but Zelarf made even his tutors uncomfortable with his efficiency with knife and gun. When he graduated the academy, he was placed in charge of an STG unit. Although he had no technical or biotic skills to speak of, his combat ability and strategic thinking were undeniable.

Unfortunately for Zelarf, he had spent his whole life in isolation, and this had not prepared him for a leadership role. He led an intelligence-gathering mission among the Elcor, and ended up killing 4, including one of his own team mates. When asked why, he didn’t understand the question. It was chilling.

So what to do with young Zel? They had made him a killing machine, but completely unable to operate in normal society. Then the Council announced that they were seeking new Spectres from all the council races after the conflict with the Reapers, and the STG knew they had an answer. Spectres worked alone, and there was no doubt that Zel would make an excellent Spectre (especially if wet work was called for).

Zel was accepted almost immediately, but the council has yet to give him his first assignment. They have asked that the young Spectre expose himself to more alien cultures in the hopes that it might make him less crazy. So far it hasn’t helped. He spends his time on the Citadel these days, eagerly awaiting a chance to see action. The only time he feels comfortable in his skin is when he’s killing.

Zelarf Lalasi

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