Main Hub Locations

Primary locations where PC’s might be located during and between missions.

1. The Citadel – This unbelievably huge space station has been the hub of galactic civilization for thousands of years. Tended to by the mysterious Keepers, and containing no end of unidentifiable technology, the Citadel is more of a city than a space station.

2. Omega Station – This jellyfish-shaped station is located adjacent to the Omega Relay, an unmapped Mass Effect Relay. Omega is a place where anything goes, so long as you have the skill to pull it off. New visitors will want to pay their respects to Omega’s ruler, a powerful Asari biotic named Aria T’loak.

3. Alliance Fleet – The spaceborne military of humanity. Human characters of a military background, or those who are preparing for/returning from frontline missions will find themselves visiting the fleet for orders, provisions, and repairs. Nonhuman characters may visit the Fleet but need to request clearance in advance.

4. Distant System – When a group of PCs has taken a ship through a Mass Effect Relay, their location is considered to be Distant System. Please note that unlike other areas, multiple characters located in Distant System may not be able to interact or communicate.

Main Hub Locations

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