Aria T'loak

The beautiful and deadly crime boss who rules Omega station with an iron fist. A sexy, iron fist.


Aria holds court in her nightclub, Afterlife, the hottest bar on Omega Station. While the station may be a notorious hub for criminals, smugglers, and mercenaries, order is still kept. Aria is the reason for that. She is a cool professional, even in the heat of battle. Her armor’s vital monitors have proven that her heartbeat did not change in the slightest as she slowly crushed in a man’s temples with her biotic powers.

More dangerous than Aria herself is the enormous army followers she has amassed. Anyone who thinks of Omega Station as anything other than a sovereign, independent state is incredibly wrong. When Aria snaps, beautiful half-clad females seem to appear at her side, bearing all manner of libations and entertainments. When she whistles, a dozen armored mercenaries pile into the room, safeties off and ready to rock. And when she screams, well… Only a very select few are lucky enough to witness that.


Aria T’LoakEdit
Specialty: Combat / Biotics
Weapons: Shotgun / SMG
Aria is the most powerful crowd controller of the game. All her powers can detonate biotic explosions, but recharge times of the more powerful ones are quite long. Her lash wipes out weak enemies. With the proper rank six evolution of Lash, she can disable shielded enemies except for Atlases. Reave and Carnage make her effective against armor.


Aria T'loak

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