Jurdan Thunk

Krogan "Scientist"


High Concept:
KROGANSCIENTIST” (Apply Science directly between the eyes)

WHEN ALL YOU HAVE IS A HAMMER (Invoke: He is single-mindedly brilliant at scrapping together ordnance from junk at hand. Compel: He must consider destrucive solutions to problems first and foremost, no matter how inappropriate)

BUILT FOR WAR: Former convoy bodyguard for a hazardous-world surveyor corps, he picked up a little practical knowhow and a dangerous amount of curiosity

Adventure Aspects:
FIRST, DO SOME HARM (Invoke: Thunk unleashes his latest experimental ammunition or weapon mod to help resolve unusual or difficult combat situations. Compel: Proof of concept and field testing are the same for Thunk: it backfires, jams, or sudden inspiration has him tinkering mid-combat)

SCIENCE CLEARS THE WAY! (Invoke: He is resilient, especially to explosions. Compel: He is incautious, especially to explosions.)

BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE BUT EFFECTIVELY BRUTAL (Invoke: Decades of motor pool experience have given him an innate knack for how things go together and come apart, making him a capable engineer in the clutch. Compel: He has no formal education and thus is not particularly good at efficient, elegant, or long-lasting solutions.)

Great: Engineering, Guns
Good: Endurance, Artillery, Fight
Fair: Intimidation, Resolve, Pilot, Alertness
Average: Security, Systems, Athletics, Survival, Academics

Thump of Restoration
Ideal Testing Conditions: +2 Damage when outnumbered
Peer Review: If a damaging effect Thunk is responsible for hurts both him and his opponent, it deals +2 damage to said opponent.


Species Perks
Great Strength (+1 Fight, free headbutt during grapple for +2 Damage, -1 refresh)
Krogan Tough 2 (Add’l mild consequence and +2 Stress Boxes, -2 refresh)
Extraordinary Regen (OOC recover consequences as one milder, IC shrug off one MC as a supp action, -2 refresh)

Refresh: 3
Stress: 8 (3 base + 2 Krogan Tough + 2 Endurance + 1 Resolve)
Bonus Mild Consequences: 3 (+2 species, +1 armor)
Bonus Moderate Consequences: 1 (armor)

“Krampus”, a scratchbuilt shotgun ( Bulk:2, Pen: 1, Dmg: 4, Range: 0-3, Scattershot, Awkward Reload, High Recoil, High Explosive, Cost: 4)

M-96 Mattock, a relic from his old career as a convoy bodyguard; has the Aspect OLD GIRL – Thunk is very accustomed to using the weapon, but it is also very old and nearing the end of its service life. Its motley collection of kill markings, charms and mementos – not to mention the handgrip nowadays being a spent thermal clip bolted into place – have given it Bulk +1. (Damage 4, Range 2-5, Pen 1, Bulk 2)

Heavy Armor, also a relic from his merc bodyguard days. Three iterations out of spec but well maintained. Bulk 3, Alertness -3

Standard (Chameleon) Omni-Tool
3 Omni-Gel

Total gear Bulk / Recharge penalty: 7


Storytime with Thunk!

“Yeh, I saw a Thresher Maw once. Damn thing wrecked two of our rovers before the big guns drove it off. Wish I could say I had some hero story to tell ya, but all’s I could do was take a couple potshots before the rockets hit. Incidentally, anyone ever asks you how many legs an M-700 Stinger volley will take off a thresher maw, the answer is two and a half.”

“So this guy wants to be a cowboy, right? He’s going on about his ‘besmirched honor’ and how he wants to go topside for a sunset duel on the dustcrawler. The damn planet’s tidelocked so our route was ALWAYS sunset, so him pointing it out like it were important caught me as funny, an’now that REALLY set him off. So I agree and we go up the ladder to the top of the rig.

Thing is, he’s so pissed off that he doesn’t stop to think that you can’t cook grub on a holy prayer lantern without some extra oxygen for heat, and I guess he didn’t notice I’d been using his tank to do it. So there we are at thirty paces, all dramatic-like with the sun fat and low like a tomater just like he wanted, and his face is turning Asari purple and he’s waving his arms and I almost can’t stop laughing long enough to ‘besmirch’ his head off."

“Geth? Sure, I got a ton of experience with the Geth. Came across one on a job once on some shithole backwater in the Armstrong Nebula. Tried to take it apart. Y’know, under all the mechanicals and what have you it’s just a bunch of flaky skin and goo and screams about infection. Turns out the damn thing was a Quarian. So uh, no, I guess. Don’t got any experience with the Geth.”

“Now that ain’t ta say I got no experience with AI. Did a job for ExoGeni, they had some partnership with Synthetic Insights to build surveying crawlers that could make decisions on their own – not real AI but Artificial Helper, right? They had my client testing the things on some rock they thought’d be a hot claim for Palladium, and I’m there wondering if they’s gonna want mercs like me to watch over their robo-bugs the way they want us for their squishies. Only the rich and fancy’d afford it, so I guess I wouldn’t be out of a job, but I was helping flush away the most cherry gigs.

So one of these things breaks down and they’re calling for help from Synthetic and it’s gonna be three weeks to get somebody out there. While we’re squatting on our asses anyway, they let me tinker with the thing, see if I could fix it. And I gotta say it was prob’ly my proudest success. ‘Course, I ain’t allowed to work for ExoGeni anymore, because their definition of ‘success’ and mine didn’t quite line up, but I’m here to tell you there wasn’t a piece of surveying equipment in the damn galaxy that was a better shot with an amped-up cutting laser than Ole Dozer."

Jurdan Thunk

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